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Realise your homes full potential with a Megaflo unvented hot water cylinder.


ABC has installed Megaflo cylinders for a number of years which supplies high flow hot water to bathrooms, kitchens and showers. Megaflos cylinders can also be connected to Solar Thermal or PV Solar Panels for renewable low cost hot water.


ABC are able to supply and install a range of Megaflo hot water boilers to provide superb constant pressure of water on demand throughout your home. Call us to discuss your requirements!


If you already have a Megaflo water system which is not operating correctly, we can send one of our specialist repair technicians to diagnose and remedy any problems which may be occuring.


All our plumbers are qualified and experienced, which is why we offer a 12 month parts and labour warranty for any heatrae sadia (Megaflo) services we provide.

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