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If your boiler is working longer or your radiators are not getting hot or have cool spots your system could benefit from a power flush.

ABC can Power Flush/Magna Cleanse central heating systems to remove sludge build up and prevent future corrosion . We also supply and fit Magnaclean Rust Filters, Scale Reducers and Water Softeners.


Over time all central heating systems will become less efficient if not properly protected and maintained. Without ensuring that inhibitor levels are topped up, corrosion will occur in a central heating system. This results in the formation of magnetite and sludge.

When a system is not protected, a small build-up of iron oxide (rust) or non-magnetic deposits can occur within just 3 weeks, resulting in significant energy efficiency losses and fuel wastage. This reduction in efficiency can reduce a boilers efficiency rating from band A down to band D. Such a reduction causes the boiler to work harder and for longer, further increasing the risk of component failure, producing higher CO2 emissions and increasing fuel bills.

In this situation, powerflushing/cleansing is the most effective way of cleaning a dirty system. Over the last few years, there has been a growing understanding of the important role chemicals and filters have to play together in maintaining and improving energy efficiency.

Customers can truly benefit from chemical water treatment - having been left with a clean and efficient central heating system that reduces their next fuel bill and heats their home quickly and efficiently.

Once your system has been brought back to optimum efficiency, ensure that it stays that way by fitting a Magnaclean magnetic system filter.

Inline Rust Filter

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