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Warm water underfloor heating systems

If you require underfloor heating instead of radiators for example in a new extension or refurbishment of existing system, ABC has installed numerous underfloor and above floor heating systems.

This type of underfloor heating system is also known as pump-driven, underfloor heating, as it involves a pump to circulate hot water. This heating system can be placed under any type of floor. and can be installed in a single room or all over the house.

Our underfloor heating works by installing a series of pipes that will be connected to the boiler to circulate the warm water. If you have a solar water heating system, the pipes can be connected to this instead (or we can advise and fit you a new solar heating system). The system uses water at a lower temperature than a single radiator, so that it is more efficient to heat your home.

If you are ready to change your central heating system to an underfloor system. Then get in touch with us and we will arrange for a site inspection to advise and work out a comprehensive quotation.


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